YUN GEE HONORED (Press Release) • Brooklyn Museum – June 25, 1931

From    Vera Sundelson
Suite 2856
11 West 42nd Street, N.Y.
LOngacre 5-3322 – 3



On Thursday evening June 25, Yun Gee, Chinese artist whose works are now on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum was honored by a dinner at which the following people were present:

Mr. Teigert, and an associate of Dr. Fox, director of the Brooklyn Museum; Mr. K.S. Fung, Consul of the Republic of China; Chishau Shaolun Lee, Vice-Consul; Wander Chu, President of the Chinese Sun; Wuang Ching Wei, brother-in-law of Wander Chu; and C.P. Chou, Editor of the Chinese Nationalist Daily, and several metropolitan newspaper men.

The Consul of the Republic of China, K.S. Fung, presented a testimonial to Yun Gee entitled “AN ADDED GLORY TO CHINA.”

Liou Chung Cheh, Minister Plenitotentiary of China to Spain forwarded an engraved wooden placque with the following inscriptions: “TO MY BROTHER YUN GEE FOR HIS ACCEPTANCE – ONE WHO RENEWS THE WORLD BY THE DISTILLATION OF COLORS.”


Wuang Ching Wei read the following interpretation of The Charm of Music, one of the larger and best known paintings by Yun Gee, now on exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum:

Slowly taken the flowing verse
Enters the hart of the piano.
White snow of the winter, is easily found
Before the composer’s hand
Come out the Monkeys and pelicans —
And they chirp —
But this music is still found among men.