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Andre SalmonAndré Salmon by Yun Gee

André Salmon by Yun Gee
Aux Ecoutes
March 19, 1938
A Young French and An Old Chinese….
The question is to know if, according to M. Pierre Mille, the painter Yun Gee, who is exhibiting at “la Reine Margot” on the banks of the Seine, has really succeeded in “taking from France and Italy what was convenient and useful while remaining essentially Chinese.” This must perplex I, the critic, who, if he has a knowledge of France and Italy, has none whatever of old China. However, Yun Gee arrived to us from San Francisco, where according to the excerpt of the “Chinese Art Journal” attached to the catalogue, besides many prefaces, the artist, nourished on Confucius, broke with tradition! But, he has remained essentially Chinese, we are told, and seems true. At any rate, it is never troublesome or boring to look at Lao Tze Taking a Sunbath or How I Saw Myself In A Dream.
~ André Salmon