Chinese Consul Views Museum Exhibit • The New York Times – June 1931


Chinese Consul Praises Works of Yun Gee, Cantonese Artist.

Kat Shau Fung, Chinese Consul in New York, visited the Brooklyn Museum yesterday to view the works of Yun Gee, Cantonese artist.  A few Chinese friends of the artist also were present.

Mr. Yun, who was educated in China, has been in this country for the last ten years.  He has exhibited in San Francisco, Paris and Manhattan.  in the Brooklyn exhibition he has entered nine pieces, including oil paintings, water-colors and kekemonos.

Mr. Kat said he thought the artist’s work “charming.” “It has Occidental technique blended with the Oriental mysticism.  Mr. Yun is a pioneer among Chinese artists and one of the few who have had the courage to accept the modern Western idea of art.”