Chinese Painter Works In New York • unknown newspaper circa early 1940s

Oil painting by the gifted Chinese-American artist, Yun Gee, entitled “Yang Kuei Fei at the Bath,” has been widely shown.  One of the most beautiful women in Chinese history, concubine to Emperor Hsuan Tsung, 738 A.D., she caused her infatuated lord to bring his kingdom to the brink of ruin by her licentious extravagance.  He had ultimately to have her strangled to pacify his revolted people.


One of the most remarkable of the many talented artists China has produced in the last several decades, Yun Gee, now is carrying on his activities in New York City.

While he gained his training in the European art centers of Paris and London – and later in the United States – he has never lost touch with the sure values of his Chinese background.

He uses oil as a medium, but his subjects are generally very Oriental in character and composition.  He has brought the sensitiveness and thoughtfulness of his race as well as a taste for pure and honest color.  His painting abounds in the symbolism so familiar to all Chinese.

Mr. Gee was born in Canton in 1906 and came to this country in 1921.  Since then he has held several exhibitions in San Francisco, New York and Paris, and is represented in a number of important European and American collections.  He recently painted a mural called The Spirit of Chinese Resistance.