Inter-Racial Art • International Print Society, New York – 1944

Press-Announce_NY_23.1The Director of the newly formed International Print Society, Mr. Edward B. Allford of Boston, is a Harvard graduate who has devoted much of his time and energy to the field of art in the betterment of race relations.  The Society, which has its larger interest in prints and other graphic arts, is being established in an effort to promote through art, international and interracial understanding.  The Gallery’s plan is to bring the best work of artists of all groups before a wider public through exhibitions in schools, galleries, colleges and universities through the country.

During the coming art season, several special theme exhibitions will present the works of Negro, Chinese, American, Latin-American, etc., artists.  At all times the artists will also have on display int eh Gallery prints which will include Serigraphs (commonly known as silk screen prints), lithographs, etchings, wood-cut, and engravings.  Oil and water-color paintings and sculpture will likewise be exhibited in a special gallery set aside for this purpose.

A unique feature of the International Print Society is its PRINT CLUG which offers its subscribers, at a nominal fee, an opportunity to own three beautiful prize-winning pictures, each an original, signed by the artist.  As an indication of appreciation of interest in its planned objective, the Society will also present to each new Print Club subscriber a fine, original, gift print in color signed by the artist.

A number of racial and social organizations, national and international, sponsor the International Print Society, whose program is an undertaking which bids fair to bring about the fullest realization of the value of art in the development of a true democracy.


The New York Age • October 7, 1944

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