Press Release from The Brooklyn Museum: Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings by American and Foreign Artists • 1931


From The Brooklyn Museum

Every year the Brooklyn Museum, through Herbert B. Tschudy, Curator of Fine Arts, presents a summer show that has come to classed as one of the erstwhile things in the arid season of the New York art world.

The exhibition this year is international in scope and is intended to give a cross-section of what is current among representative artists of many nations. The exhibitors in the forthcoming show are all residents of New York and the vicinity or are visiting artists engaged in this country on commissions, research or study in this city.

A feature of the show will be a room devoted to work done by the International Group, a body of artists of native or foreign birth, many of whom are already well known to the public of New York through individual work shown at this and other galleries.

With the exception of the above organization the practice of hanging the work of each artist in an individual group will be retained, as it is felt by Museum authorities that this custom gives the greatest amount of comparative value to a collection of subjects by the same artist.

The list of exhibitors showing work in the medium of oil paintings, water colors, drawings and in sculpture is as follows: Ben Benn, Douglas Brown, Beniamino B. Bufano, Frieda Hauswirth Das, William de Leftwich Dodge, Raphael Docktor, Paula Eliasoph, YUN GEE, Kai Gotzsche, Stepfan Hiraqch, A. Janniot, George Laszlo, Joseph Lamoff, Hanz Meyer, Leo Ziemssen Moll, Ann Neagoe, Agnes Pelton, Princess Paule de Reuss, Olive Rush, Niklos Suba, Irene Weir and Sergei Yourievitch.

The memebers of the International Group represented in this exhibition are: Therese Bernstein, David Burliuk, Eugene Dunkel, George Dunkel, Foshko, Aaron J. Goodelman, Minna R. Harkavy, Vladimar Ivanoff, R. M. Klous, Lue Osborne, Jane Knede Rakhit, Joseph Raskin, Saul Raskin, Cordray Simmons, Joseph Teichner and Florence Weber.

The exhibition will open on Friday, June 12th, at two o’clock, wand will remain on view until the first of October.

This show may be seen by reviewers on Tuesday, June 9th.