Yun Gee’s work will be included as part of the Tina Keng Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, R/evolution, which opens November 1st in Taipei at their new exhibition space, TKG+.

The exhibition title merges two words – Revolution & Evolution:

Main Entry: rev·o·lu·tion: a sudden, radical, or complete change
Main Entry: evo·lu·tion: a process of change in a certain direction / something evolved

Shelly Wu, Tina Keng Gallery Director, explains the idea behind the title:

Tina wanted a title that incorporated multiple meanings, such as our history and our future. . . I came up with [R/evolution], thinking that although we are starting over, we are not a brand new gallery. We have evolved from a gallery that [has] existed for over 17 years. In Taiwan, we are surely the first gallery with such a large space. [The Tina Keng Gallery] attempts to not only revolutionize gallery space, but also the possibilities for a gallery.

R/evolution includes work from Yun Gee and Li-lan.


For additional information on the Tina Keng Gallery or Li-lan, visit their websites by clicking on the following links: