Yun Gee, Chinese Painter, Exhibits Actors’ Portraits • New York Evening Post – April 1931

actorsportraits039The works of Yun Gee, modern Chinese painter, are on exhibition at In Tempo, 49 East 9th Street, New York City, until May 3.

He recently painted a picture of Miss Leung Suk Hau and Mr. Lee Sou Chu, noted Chinese actress and actor now appearing at the Chinese Theatre in New York.

Gee’s creations are intensely Chinese in thought yet impress with modern traditions.  Although only 23 years of age, he has exhibited at the Modern Art Gallery in San Francisco, the Galerie des Artiste et Artisan, Paris, The Bernheim-Jeune Galerie, Paris and the Galerie Carmine.

Yun Gee has studied with Piazzoni and Oldfield, and his works reveal an intimate acquaintance with Oriental philosophers and poets.  They are pragmatic in color and Chinese in form – full of life and motion.

Among Yun Gee’s other work which has received widespread praise are:

Where Is My Mother?
Charm of Music
My Conception of Christ
A Dream