Yun Gee & Paule Reuss livret de famille • Paris, France – April 1930



Family Record Book

This booklet, issued free of charge at the time of marriage, must be carefully kept by the head of the family. It will be presented at the Town Hall whenever it is necessary to have a birth or death certificate drawn up.


The family record book will help to avoid errors in the writing of acts after the marriage, which can only be rectified by judgment and cause families time and expense.
The families must therefore, in their own interest, present this booklet whenever it is necessary to have a civil status deed, or even a notary act.

The livret de famille was introduced in 1877 after all birth, marriage and death records were destroyed in the fire of Paris City Hall in 1871.  The livret de famille serves as additional proof of identification.  This is the livret de famille that was given to Yun Gee and his new wife, Paule Reuss, when they got married in 1930.