Yun Gee’s “Dream” part of Transgression throughout the Volatile World exhibition • Asia Art Center • Taipei, Taiwan • May 2021

Yun Gee • Dream (1927)
oil on canvas

The inauguration of Asia Art Center’s Taipei flagship space is an important milestone in the gallery’s quest to nurture and enrich the arts. “Transgression,” the title of the opening exhibition, conveys the ideals of transcendence and limitless creativity. As the artist Li Chen has said, “Great works of art are usually conceived in the paradox between the pure and the extreme.” Transcending boundaries is a fundamental creative force in artistic expression that enables both artists and audiences to break free from the constraints of contemporary time and space, to reconstruct the imagined reality proposed by an artwork and outline a new aesthetic framework. In the contemporary era of rapidly globalized visual experiences, art has become a means to explore the boundaries of the philosophical mandala. The ability to analyze and comprehend art is no longer limited to appreciation at the perceptual level, and interaction with art requires more intuitive awareness rooted in cultural understanding. Through this critical shift, art becomes a channel of open exchange that allows people to see and refer to certain blind spots that are invisible to the world.

In 1982, the Asia Art Center anchored its entry point in art history. Since then, the center has expanded its initial focus on post-war Chinese art to the global horizon—the title “Transgression” further echoes the unrestricted expansion of the Asia Art Center. Through the collective integration of historical experiences, we can better understand the value and significance of each artwork in the contemporary era so as to establish a broader, more comprehensive artistic vision. • Asia Art Center

Title Transgression throughout the Volatile World—Inaugural Exhibition of Asia Art Center Taipei New Flagship Space
Artist Marius BERCEA, CAI Guoqiang, CHEN Tingshih, CHUANG Che, CHU Teh-chun, CHU Weibor, DONG Shaw-hwei, Ben EDMUNDS, Howard FONDA, FONG Chung Ray, FOUJITA Tsuguharu, GAO Xinjian, Handrio, Noriyuki HARAGUCHI, HONG Zhu An, HSIEH Tehching, JU Ming, Keith Haring, KOON Wai Bong, Susumu KOSHIMIZU, LEE Tsai-chien, LI Chen, LIU Dan, Crystal Lupa, Takesada MATSUTANI, Yoshitomo NARA, Etan Pavavalung, Chiharu SHIOTA, Fadjar SIDIK, Adam Parker SMITH, Atsuko TANAKA, Katarina Janečková Walshe, WANG Panyoun, WU Guanzhong, Meguru YAMAGUCHI, Guy YANAI, YANG Chihung, Yun Gee, ZAO Wou-ki
Dates  May 29 – Sep. 12, 2021