Yun Gee • San Francisco – 1920s

Yun GeeYun Gee at 15

The above photo is part of a document that proves that Yun Gee was the son of a citizen, dated March 18th, 1921, signed by Gee Quong On

His father Gee Quong On “is a citizen of the United States and that it has been so found and determined by competent authority.” Gee Quong On’s “last admission into the United States was at the Port of San Francisco, during the months of November or December 1914.”

“That affiant makes this affidavit in order to identify Gee Wing Yun, as his son. That the said Gee Wing Yun is a lawful son of affiant, and is a citizen of the United States under and by virtue of the laws there of, affiant, his father being a citizen thereof. That the said Gee Wing Yun is now in China, but that he is about to come to the United States to take up his residence therein.”

Yun Gee’s original Certificate of Identity (Immigration Record)

Certificate of Identity, No. 36877, issued in conformity with Rule 19 of the Chinese Rules of the Bureau of Immigration Department of Labor

Name: Gee Wing Yun
Age: 15, Height: 4’6”
Occupation: Student, San Francisco, Cal.
Identified as: Son of native (parol evidence)
20660/7-4 SS Taiyo Maru November 27, 1921
Physical marks and particularities: Malformation rim right ear
Issued at the port of San Francisco, Cal.
This 13th day of December 1921.