Gee family at Quong On Gee’s Funeral • San Francisco 1958

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Oakland Tribune – November 1946

1946_11_10-yun-gee-oakland-tribune-ca Additional Information

Art and Artists – Lucien Labaudt Art Gallery presents Yun Gee 20-year Retrospective by Helen Clement • Oakland Tribune – September 1946

yun-gee-oakland-tribune-ca Additional Information

Art and Artists by Helen Clement • Oakland Tribune – September 1946

yun-gee-oakland-tribune-ca-copyAdditional Information

Water Colors of Yun Gee On View • The San Francisco Examiner: Sunday, February 26, 1933

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Lucien Labaudt •Yun Gee Retrospective at Lucien Labaudt Gallery – 1946

YunGee by Lucien Additional Information

Western Art Colony Evolves Some New Ideas by Cyrilla P. Lindner • The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – 1927

The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle Additional Information

War-Torn China Produces young futurist artist • The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – 1927

The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Mon__Aug_22__1927_ Additional Information

Jehanne Bietry Salinger Articles on Yun Gee

Bietry Salinger Additional Information

Panama Mail S. S. Co. Advertisement 1927 • SS Venezuela – SS Colombia – SS Ecuador

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Artists and Their Work by H.L. Dungan • Oakland Tribune – November 1926

oakland_tribune_sun__1926_-3 Additional Information

Yun Gee’s First Solo Show • The Modern Gallery – November 1926

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The Modern Gallery • 1926-1927

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Yun Gee portrait by Dorr Bothwell – 1926

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Photographs • San Francisco Period 1926-1927

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Yun Gee portraits by • Otis Oldfield – 1926

YunGeebyOtis Additional Information

Gottardo Piazzoni • Yun Gee’s Art Teacher – 1920s

hagemeyer-gottardo-piazzoni Additional Information

Otis Oldfield • Yun Gee’s Art Teacher – 1920s

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California School of Fine Arts • (San Francisco Art Institute)

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Yun Gee • San Francisco – 1920s

Yun GeeAdditional Information

Quong On Gee • Yun Gee’s Father – 1920s

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